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Women love dancing.  We can’t give you a reason for it, but we try to justify it in many ways.  As women, we will say that we dance because it helps you lose weight, it’s great exercise, or it’s a… Continue Reading →

2014 Santa Clarita Dancing with Our Stars

Dance and Relationships

One of the biggest complaints I get teaching couples is that the lady does not follow the gentleman.  Sometimes this is not purposeful – following is physically and mentally difficult.  That is not what I want to address here.  What… Continue Reading →


The memory is a powerful thing and we don’t quite know how it works.  However, scientists have linked music and learning to dance with higher cognitive function.  I don’t know much about this, but what I do know is that… Continue Reading →


What makes dancing so beautiful, so intriguing? It’s something I’ve often pondered, and the answer was made clear to me because of a paradox in all of us, pointed out to me by a friend and fellow instructor, Alex.  … Continue Reading →

Mastering Your Neutral Point

One of the most important skills in dance is being balanced.  For me, it was probably the most difficult thing, so, as I always do, I tried to analyze it.  I looked at gymnasts on the balance beam, and saw… Continue Reading →

Terminal Velocity

As people in a modern-day world, we have to calculate things all the time.  Our brains process an inordinate amount of information on a day to day basis. Take driving, for example: -In order to propel a vehicle of a… Continue Reading →

Connection in Football

As a dance instructor, I have to find ways to connect dancing to something that people already know.  For me, the easiest and earliest analogies I came up with were about football, as I am an avid football fan and… Continue Reading →

Dance as a Science

As a female dance instructor, one of my biggest challenges is selling dance to men.  Now, apart from the obvious, “it’s a great way to pick up women” angle, there is ne other approach I use to get men interested… Continue Reading →

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